For your customized training, follow these 3 steps

1. Intake

What is your current level? To find out, you take a short online test. You also tell us what you want to achieve with your customized Dutch course. What learning goals do you want to reach? Your personal training advisor advises you on the content of your course and you discuss the planning. This intake is free and completely without obligation.

2. Training plan

You will receive a personal training plan. It lists all the details of your training, including your current level and the level and goals you want to achieve. It also contains the practical details of your training. Do you approve of your training plan? If so, you can start your training.

3. Your training starts

You decide when you start and together with your regular language trainer, you make a planning for the classes. Each class is custom-made, based on your intake and work field. You will receive training materials to practice with practical situations. You can immediately use what you learn in your Dutch course in your daily work.


Possible learning goals
you can achieve

  • Expanding your general and work-related business vocabulary
  • Writing emails for work
  • Delivering work-related presentations
  • Speaking more fluently
  • Conducting meetings more confidently
  • Making business-appropriate phone calls
  • Responding to complaints constructively and appropriately
  • Writing work-related reports
  • Speaking more confidently
  • Negotiating in a business-like manner
  • Writing correctly and legibly
  • Conversing with business associates politely and appropriately
  • Responding flexibly and asking follow-up questions in conversations with customers
  • Writing standard phrases, openings, and closings for emails
Leer precies wat jij nodig hebt! - Ian Reitsma, trainingsadviseur

What will you get extra?

Self-study with e-learning

For your self-study, you will have access to a smart e-learning. This has been created especially for you and is tailored to your personal learning goals. The e-learning measures your progress and reminds you what you need to repeat and when.

On-the-job coaching

Do you encounter problems during your work? For example, when writing an e-mail or preparing a presentation? Then you can ask your trainer for help on the job. On-the-job coaching is available for 6 months from the start of your training course.

Useful manual

Your trainer will put together a useful manual especially for you, containing frequently used phrases and words for use during your daily work.


After your first class, halfway through your training, and at the end, we ask you about your findings. This is how we ensure that you achieve your learning goals. If necessary, we will adjust your training, by using different or extra teaching materials for example. Your trainer will also give you an overview of your progress halfway through the course.


After your training, you will receive feedback from your trainer on the progress you have made. You will receive a certificate at the level of your achieved learning goals.


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