Key didactic elements for a business language training

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Discover our successful approach

How do we ensure that you learn what you need? And that your training is effective and relevant? We have developed a successful method for this. Want to know how and why our methodology works? You can read a short summary here. Want to know exactly how we approach training? Then download our book.

Starting point: Practical and tailor-made

During your training, you will work towards practical learning objectives with tailor-made assignments. Thanks to coaching-on-the-job, the distance between lesson time and practical application becomes ever shorter.

Spearhead: Motivating and challenging learning

You learn faster because we motivate and challenge you. We do this with practice-oriented, challenging assignments, well-structured lessons, practical examples, and teaching methods which activate what you have learned.

Spearhead: Smart Learning

What you learn at Ziggurat Taaltrainingen is retained over the long term: your new skills are embedded in your long-term memory with Smart Learning. This is a collection of techniques and methods that allows for better knowledge absorption.

Spearhead: Tailor-made assistance

Your trainer will adapt your lessons for you in many ways. Assignments, for example, will fit in with your prior knowledge and interests, while also taking your recent progress into account. We will guide you by making you aware of your own learning process, which will help you learn faster.

Quality control

We ensure that the training you receive also meets high quality standards. For example, we ask you to evaluate your lessons. Not only after the training, but also during it. Your trainer and training advisor will adapt your training in any way necessary, as a result of these evaluations.



Download our book

Curious about our teaching method? Then read our book, which is both practical and tailored for the most optimal learning results. In it, we have combined our years of training experience with scientific insights regarding language acquisition. The book answers questions such as:
  • How do we ensure that the usefulness and efficiency of our training courses are optimal?
  • How do we make our training sessions motivational and challenging?
  • What training methods best promote Smart Learning?
  • How do we give each student appropriate support?
  • How do we monitor and improve the quality of our training courses?

The book is written for trainers, but also describes what you can expect as a student. Would you like to receive a free digital version of this book? Then please fill in this form.

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